Beech wood

Don't be mistaken: it's a living thing! 

It is essential to realise that wood is a natural material with its own characteristics. 

Variations in wood grain, colour, knots and other naturally occurring characteristics are inherent to solid wood. We believe that these imperfections will only contribute to the charm of your table. As wood is a natural product, it will react to influences from its environment. 

We want you to know this: it is perfectly possible and perfectly normal that your table changes over time. Because wood is a living product, you should however take in mind some precautions to ensure it will last as long as it is meant to do. 

Beech wood is a strong, fine-grained wood.

Beech is not as absorbent as oak wood, and since we use it in smaller assembly parts rather than for whole table tops for example, it is significantly less likely to crack or warp. 

A quick wash every now and then with a moist towel and some natural soap should be sufficient to keep your beech wood furniture as new!

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