Butterfly collection

The Butterfly collection has everything it takes to give you a good feeling: gracious shapes and amazing seating comfort. Inspired by nature, this cheerful collection generates a relaxed atmosphere indoors.

Designer Henry Claeys explains, “Butterfly brings a smile into every interior and easily breaks the ice with its airy and not-too-serious design. At the same time, the shapes, which are drawn from nature, are very feminine and elegant. It doesn’t take much imagination to start seeing butterflies fluttering by. The shape of the backrest is however not simply designed to be an attractive eye-catcher. Instead, it provides amazing seating comfort by giving the shoulders additional support.”

What’s even better: The Butterfly lounge chair XL comes in all Vincent Sheppard loom colours or any RAL colour of your choice. There is more than enough choice when it comes to giving your interior a personal touch.