Maintenance & After-sales service

We have developed a webshop where you can easily purchase replacement glides, touch up paint, maintenance oil and also Lloyd Loom colour samples.


Indoor Lloyd Loom

Each Vincent Sheppard product is available with nylon or felt glides in order to protect the feet and all types of floor surfaces.  Using the correct glides will prevent any damage  due to contact between the feet and the ground.  Replacement glides can easily be purchased at our Vincent Sheppard Services webshop.

Should the paint of your furniture become damaged, then a small touch up of paint from the touch up bottle will restore the finish perfectly. Touch up bottles can also easily be purchased at the Services webshop.


Outdoor Lloyd Loom

The outdoor collection is made of aluminium frames with a special treated Loom.  After the weaving process, the woven paper is dipped in a latex emulsion to form a flexible coating for moisture resistance.  A special paint from the automotive sector makes the weave resistant to sun and rain.  What’s more, the open weave  prevents the chairs from retaining heat, even after long hours in the sun.

Designs from our outdoor range have to be stored indoors during periods of particularly heavy rain or frost.  The woven paper can be cleaned easily by wiping with a damp cloth. Our Lloyd Loom outdoor furniture is dirt and damp resistant.To maximize the lifespan of your furniture, any scratches should be quickly treated using the Vincent Sheppard touch up paint.