Timeless beauty 

Marble is a beautiful natural stone with a stylish appearance and characteristic vein pattern. 

In other words, you literally bring nature inside your home when choosing for a Groove coffee table.


Due to its extensive colour variety and lovely crystal structure, the material is loved by many designers. Every single piece of marble is unique, which makes the material even more appealing.  

Marble ages beautifully. Therefore, you do not only enrich your interior, but also invest in the future. 

Still, as marble is a porous stone, some maintenance is required to keep your marble coffee table in its best shape. 

Marble is sensitive to acid. Using placemats to prevent hot pots, pans and cold glasses or bottles from leaving marks on your table is therefore an excellent idea. 

Use lukewarm water, a soft cloth and mild soap, soda, or a special marble cleaner for a quick facelift

Make sure you do not use too much detergent and do not scrub too hard in order to prevent scratches. 

Rinse with clean water and dry with a towel or chamois. 

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