At Vincent Sheppard, almost 400 people of all ages and backgrounds put their shoulders under the brand all over the world. Although the Vincent Sheppard family is very versatile, we all have one thing in common: a heart for the product and story behind it.

Belgium: the roots of the company

Belgium is where the story of Vincent Sheppard began. A small team of passionate entrepreneurs launched the company in 1992 and managed to put Lloyd Loom furniture on the map in Western Europe. 

Throughout the years, the team grew and the company expanded internationally. Up until today, Vincent Sheppard is led with love from our headquarters in Belgium. 

Indonesia: craftsmanship at its finest

Cirebon, in the heart of Indonesia, is known for its rich tradition in weaving techniques. No better place to build a production facility, is probably what the Vincent Sheppard team must have thought in 1995, only 3 years after the company was launched. And they could not have been more right. The factory in Cirebon is still the main Vincent Sheppard production facility and is the place where our Lloyd Loom and rattan furniture is created with the highest care.

Some of the faces behind Vincent Sheppard

A warm and enthusiastic group of go-getters.

Meet our CEO's 

Jos and Coralie 

"We love to focus on what's important for our company: creating and manufacturing highly qualitative furniture from natural, durable materials with a unique look. 

We are proud to be co-owners of a healthy brand with beautiful values and such a fascinating history."

Jos & Coralie

Meet Kevin 

Operations director

"We paint, assemble, and finish lots of products in Belgium. Consequently, managing production is a very satisfying job. The company’s urge to evolve and to be able to contribute to that growth by thinking along and setting up new methodologies is why I love working at Vincent Sheppard so much. Add the fact that I’m still amazed by the beautiful timeless creations our talented craftsmen make every day and you’ll understand my love for the brand." 

Meet Heidi & Mieke 


"We started working for Vincent Sheppard in 2011. Since then, many new indoor as well as outdoor products have seen the light of day. We personally really love the designs and are amazed by their quality. 

Our dog Lowie is a Vincent Sheppard fan too. He even got to be a model for a fotoshoot which you can see on the image!"

Heidi & Mieke

Meet Francis 

R&D Indonesia

"My career at Vincent Sheppard began in 2010. Over the past 10 years, Vincent Sheppard evolved from a Lloyd Loom furniture manufacturer to a multi furniture manufacturer. Since I joined the company, we developed several new materials, combinations and techniques to expand the product offer and answer today’s design needs. 

I love how my job never gets boring. As a designer, every day is a different day, thinking and developing new things." 

Meet Tri 

Planning & Production Indonesia

"I started working as HR and General Affair staff for Vincent Sheppard beginning 2013, but was soon asked to move to PPIC. PPIC is the function that bridges the Sales & Marketing department and the Production department and it involves heavy planning and tight deadlines. 

I’m happy to be working for an international company like Vincent Sheppard because in my opinion, it has a good prospective and is growing well. Besides that, I really love the products because of their unique design, natural materials and the high concern for quality!”


Meet Dodi

Health, Safety, and Environment

"I have been working for Vincent Sheppard for almost 20 years now. During that period, the company has always been innovating its products in order to offer the best quality. I personally think that Vincent Sheppard furniture looks really nice, is comfortable and is safe. On top of that, the designs are unique as well."

Meet Lia 

Sales and Marketing Indonesia

“I started working for Vincent Sheppard in 2012, previously I was an English teacher for children. Consequently, it was a totally new challenge to work for a furniture company. In contrast to other furniture companies or shops in Cirebon with vibrant colours, Vincent Sheppard’s furniture is impressively warm and simple. I love working for Vincent Sheppard, because I can keep practicing my English and meet new people. One thing I find really personal and nice is Vincent Sheppard’s tradition of giving a Mini Sydney or Pookie children’s chair to female employees who give birth. When I gave birth to my daughter, I got a Pookie Rocker!”

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