Mineral plaster

A unique stone-look material

Finished with meticulous attention to detail and completely handmade in Belgium, each of our mineral plaster tables is one-of-a-kind. Several layers are skillfully applies by hand and finished with a matt varnish. The result is a beautiful table which captivates with its aesthetic appeal while guaranteeing exceptional quality


  • Made from lava, naturally colored rocks, sustainable raw materials, and hydrated lime
  • Finished with a water-repellent varnish 
  • Highly durable 
  • No chemical additives 
  • Completely handmade in Belgium 
  • Environmentally-friendly 
  • No VOCs (volatile organic compound)
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • CE - EN 13813 compliant


Regular cleaning with a soft sponge and mild solution of water and natural soap will do the trick! We highly recommend cleaning the table as soon as possible after spilling any fluids. This prevents the stains from penetrating and unnecessarily damaging the material. 

Please do not use aggressive cleaning products such as Cilit bang, Antikal, vinegar and/or bleach. Do not use cleaning products with acids or lemon either. 

We recommend feeding the surface on a regular basis. This can be done, for example, with: Marseille soaps, Triple effect spray or Anti-stain W from Akemi. These nourish the surface and ensure that you can continue to enjoy your table. 

Please do not sand varnished furniture, as this will damage the protective layer and will thus affect the water and dirt resistance of your furniture.

Furthermore, there are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Do not place candles directly on the tables, always use a holder or tray.
  • Do not put hot pots and pans in direct contact with the surface, always use a coaster. 
  • Be careful with hard and sharp objects, never cut directly on the table.

The Ari table is only suitable for indoor use and can under no circumstances be used outdoors.

Titus dining chair Ari dining table

Made from lava, naturally colored rocks, sustainable raw materials, and hydrated lime, our mineral plaster is crafted with environmentally-friendly practices.

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