Studiomie for Vincent Sheppard

Mieke De Maeyer from Studiomie designed this cordial light cord from her own need for cosiness and atmosphere, which she appropriately baptized Light My Table


Festive feelgood garland! 

Light My Table is a festive lamp cord that you can simply clip to an existing table. 

The cord creates an instant cozy atmosphere and literally brings people closer together. The lamps invite you to dine extensively, under a welcoming roof of light. At the same time, Light My Table adapts your seating area by automatically creating a space within a space. The light cord makes the space smaller, lower, and therefore also cozier! 


Everywhere at home.

Light My Table is designed as simply and functionally as possible. Still, lots of attention was paid to finish and details. Wherever you use Light My Table, it turns every spot in a flabbergasting delight to the eye. Are you organizing a minimalistic brunch, a bohemian buffet or a decadent Sunday roast? Light My Table is guaranteed to fit in your setting and adds the perfect finishing touch

Light My Table
Light my table
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