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Two days ago, our employee and young designer Sep Verboom received the very prestigious Henry van de Velde Young Talent Award. We’re extremely proud of him and are happy to see that his talents and way of working are recognized in such a beautiful way.

With his own venture ‘Livable’, Sep focusses on durable design and aims to bring local craftsmen, design and the industry together. Choice of materials and a low impact on the environment are at the heart of every single one of his designs. He presents and sells his designs online to cut as much of the cost as possible and to be able to maintain a direct relationship with his end customers.

Over the past few years, Sep has presented several projects, one of which was done in close collaboration with Vincent Sheppard. The Aya chair, side tables and shelves are handmade by the local craftsmen at the Vincent Sheppard plant in Cirebon, Indonesia, thus bringing together design, craftsmanship and natural materials.

Sep’s way of working and his unique portfolio have convinced the jury of the Henry van de Velde Awards to choose Sep among many nominees as Young Talent of the year 2017. Here’s what they thought of him!

“Industrial designer Sep Verboom (1990) is a child of his generation: idealistic, but down-to-earth, local and global, collective rather than individual, communicative. The (distant) future keeps him busy the most and the jury really appreciated that. Sustainability, in the broadest sense of the word, is the main thread through his approach, his objects, and the way he deliberately acts as a sustainable entrepreneur. Sep wants to point out sustainable alternatives for traditional industrial production and bring people together and let them work together to find openings in the system. Currently he works for both industry and NGOs. The jury considers Sep Verboom to be a textbook example of what the designer should be today: not just maker and inventor, but also inspirator and connector, and of course: world improver.”


We’re proud of you, Sep! Keep up the good work!


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Exposition at Bozar Brussels



Aya chair - collaboration with Vincent Sheppard


Aya chair - collaboration with Vincent Sheppard


project Rope Rug by Sep Verboom


Aya side tables - collaboration with Vincent Sheppard


project Tibo by Sep Verboom