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Vincent Sheppard has always attached great importance to a good relationship with their retailers. A close network that brings the product that has been produced with so much love to the end consumer in the right way is absolutely invaluable to us. We believe that the right partners can bring our products to a higher level, and we attach great importance to finding these retailers. Vincent Sheppard has a network of sales agents around the world that assist us in finding and supporting the shops that we work with. 

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What’s ours is yours. 

To be able to promote the Vincent Sheppard brand and products in the best way, it is extremely important to have the right material to do so. All of our images, 3D files, movies, specification sheets, and so on, can be downloaded on this website. You can navigate to the product itself, where you will find all the files that are available of this product. We encourage you to use them, but please mention our name when using our images or other materials for promotional purposes!  

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Colour and material samples as well as any other marketing materials are available upon request. Don’t hesitate to contact your local sales representative to get information about the available options!

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